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Why Visit?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Or maybe frustrated that nagging pain won't go away?

Or maybe the joy you used to feel in movement has now become a chore...
I understand.  Trust me, I've been there.  And it's why I've chosen to go with a systemic approach rather than only focussing on one issue.  Why I look at the body as a human ecosystem.  It's impossible to treat one thing without having an effect on the rest...the body is complexity theory at it's finest.

​Potential Benefits…​​​​​​
Pain relief from a wide variety of issues
Determine & treat underlying cause of discomfort
Work with the body to encourage repair of damaged tissue
​Safely & efficiently address pain for people of all ages

What to Expect...​​​

This is where it gets fun!  Sessions will include some gentle manipulation, some movement and a conversation about how you got to this state in the first place!  It's all very laid back and geared towards providing a comfortable space for you.  The best clothing choice is something that is loose and comfortable...denim typically doesn't work very well.  Shorts and a tank are ideal.  During the initial visit we go over your health history in order to gain a better understanding of the structures and systems that may be related to the presenting complaint. This also allows an opportunity to determine any contra-indications that may exist.  Frequency of treatment is discussed and referrals to other practitioners are made when appropriate.

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