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Welcome to MacLeod Therapeutics!   I'm a sole practitioner located in Milton, Prince Edward Island whose main clinical focus is understanding and supporting the human ecosystem. I do this by utilizing a systemic approach rather than focussing only on localized pain.  I believe varied movement, time in nature and deep connection to ourselves and others is essential for thriving health.  My goal is not to "fix" you but rather to help mentor you through a process of self discovery that gives you the tools you need so you can take care of yourself.

So, how can I help? I firmly believe that individuals benefit from being assessed and treated as an integrated whole. I work with the body to enable it's self-healing capabilities, and utilize a 'hands on' therapy that is based on a highly developed sense of touch.

If this resonates with you, please see the contact page to inquire about making an appointment, or simply to ask for more information. 

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